Increasing Wet: Definition-Explanation-Prevention-Cure

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These are obtained from broad leaf trees, and there are over 2000 varieties including such well known types as oak, ash, teak and mahogany. All basal wood, which is much softer than softwoods, is in fact a hardwood, since it is the structure that decides the group not the texture.

rising damp may show as a high-tide-like stain on wallpaper, and other interior finishes and when it remains for a long time, it can result in blistering of paint and loss of plaster. The most common source of moisture in the base of the walls of the buildings is from defective ground and surface drainage.

Condensation, the most common form of damp, is often caused by poor heating and ventilation. It occurs when activities such as cooking raise the level of humidity in a building. This air condenses on cold surfaces – windows ans walls.

Over recent years I have had an increasing number of friends write to me about my life in Asia. The motives behind the questions have varied from political discontentment to financial. Many of the concerns are related to the high cost of living, including heating and A/C bills, taxes, grocery bills, the cost of gasoline, medical bills, dental bills, home repair bills, and list goes on. There is no doubt about it, the cost of living in the USA goes higher each day. Many of those who write to me are not really enjoying their Golden Years but are just getting by. If you are in the stage of retirement planning or are now retired that should concern you, as each day is precious and we should be enjoying life to its fullest. The best is yet to come.

After you have completed caulking up the whole house, you have now prepped the house accordingly and can begin painting. Always start at the top of the home and work your way down. If you do not have a ladder that will allow you to reach the top of your home for this decorative painting, you may need to purchase one.

An application of a water-resisting treatment or material to the surface of a concrete or masonry wall to prevent passage or absorption of water-proofing a masonry surface to retard capillary action and water leaks.